The Union will provide confidential information to members interested in applying for a post in any school.


1: If making an enquiry about a school which has advertised a vacancy to which you might apply, please give your membership details, including your current School, Local Association or Training Insitution if a student member, and details of the post you are applying for.  Allow three working days for a reply. A membership check will be made and the information provided will be for potential applicants for specific posts.

2: Newly qualified teachers are advised to seek advice about starting salaries and the Suffolk NQT induction scheme.

3: Any member thinking of going part-time or "stepping down" should consider the effects: discuss it with the Union. Part-timers should seek Union advice before agreeing to contracts which expect them to return to school for meetings, etc., after sessions for which they are not contracted to the school.

Warning to applicants to jobs as unattached teachers with Suffolk County Council:

Advisory Service: The Suffolk Advisory Service is contracting w.e.f. 1st April 2011 in line with the cessation of Standards Fund. Suffolk LA is consulting with the Soulbury Unions (AEP, ASPECT, NUT).  Information available on ISIS page.

PRU teachers: All main scale and UPS staff on the establishment of PRUs are paid the first SEN allowance.  The Union has negotiated criteria for the award of the second SEN point.  These have been awarded since January 2007. There should be no "rationing" - all who meet the criteria should obtain the second point, but there is so far little evidence that the second point is being awarded where it should be.

Group Tuition Settings: The above re. PRUs only applies to actual PRUs. Suffolk is however employing EOTAS tutors in more and more group tutoring situations.  In these situations, the tutors are paid as if they were on a 1:1 basis but without any contract and no SEN point.  On a day-to-day basis, this means that the tutors get paid more than if they were on contract, but no SEN allowance is paid.  Sick pay is paid, however, for those with a regular commitment.

Notschool mentors: Suffolk LA has refused to accept Notschool on-line mentoring as "teaching" as statutorily defined, despite these tutors having to be experienced qualified teachers before training as Notschool mentors. Most authorities pay Notschool mentors as teachers, on supply rates. Suffolk considers Notschool mentoring to be a local government post (but have given no Single Status grading) and expects these teachers to pay into the Local Government Pension Scheme.  Following a grievance taken out by the NUT, the Local Authority agreed to allow those mentors who also teach in a school or as an EOTAS tutor to pay all earnings into the teachers' pension scheme.   However, new arrangements for Notschool mentors in Suffolk are that they are only taken on as free-lance, and have to pay their own tax, NI, etc.  The Union advises members not to accept such "contracts".

EOTAS tutors: Suffolk LA has a poor record of permitting EOTAS tutors to cross the threshold, or to progress up the Upper Pay Spine.  This is despite a policy document negotiated which clearly makes provision and sets down a procedure for pay reviews.  Tutors who are not being assessed for salary progression should contact the Union.

1:1 Tutors in schools : Suffolk's policy is for schools to pay a standard rate of £25 per hr for this work as a supplemental or casual contract.  The NUT believes that it should be paid at the individual teachers' rate of pay.  The NUT also believes that this payment should be superannuable and covered by the sick pay regulations.

Members are advised to contact the Suffolk NUT Secretary if applying for posts in the following schools:

Specific Suffolk LA Schools:

  1. Any Middle School in Suffolk - the Authority plans to close remaining Middle Schools by 2016.  More details on Middle School Campaign page.
  2. St James Middle School, Bury St Edmunds - breaches of conditions of service regulations regarding "only rarely cover" and an expectation that teaching staff will invigilate SATs.  The headteacher has refused to sign an agreement drafted by the NUT (see details here) requesting compliance with the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document, May 2010. 
  3. The following Schools have become, or are becoming, Academies.  Although most have agreed to "buy in" to LA services, LA conditions of service and local agreements made by the NUT with the Local Authority may not apply in any Academy:

    Hartismere High School Sep-10
    Forest Community Primary School * Nov-10
    Samuel Ward Arts & Technology College Nov-10
    Debenham CEVC High School Jan-11
    Holywells High School * - now Ipswich Academy Mar-11
    Thomas Mills High School Jun-11
    Hadleigh High School Jul-11
    Copleston High School Jul-11
    Farlingaye High School Jul-11
    Holbrook High School Aug-11
    Sir John Leman High School Aug-11
    Bungay High School Aug-11
    East Bergholt High School Aug-1

    Kesgrave High School Aug-11
    Horringer Court Middle School Aug-11
    Westley Middle School Aug-11
    County Upper School Aug-11
    Kirkley - now East Point * Sep-11
    Orwell - now Felixstowe * Sep-11
    Deben - now Felixstowe * Sep-11
    The Ashley School Sep-11
    St Mary's CEVAP School, Mildenhall * Sep-11
    Priory School Sep-11
    Thurleston Jan-12
    Thomas Wolsey Feb-12
    Stradbroke Business and Enterprise College Feb-12
    St Albans Catholic High School Feb-12