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Membership of the National Union of Teachers is open to all qualified teachers, whether or not presently employed as teachers. Full membership provides professional, representational, legal and financial/commercial services to those employed in schools, units, colleges and other fields of Education, including administration, inspection and advice. Students/Trainees undertaking a course of Initial Teacher Training, including via the Graduate Teacher Training Scheme, are entitled to free membership and services. Teachers qualifying through Graduate Teacher Training / Overseas teachers routes can also be full members of the NUT free of any subscription.  Unqualified teachers may not become members, except those undergoing an approved course leading to qualified status or teachers from abroad whose qualifications may be recognised by the NUT.

Those on Graduate Teacher Training and Registered Teacher Schemes enjoy free membership until they gain fully qualified status. You then pay Newly Qualified Rate after the first term's free membership..

Membership Rates:

* Annual Rates for 2012:
Full membership rate £166.00 + £12.00 Local Association Fee except when first joining
Newly Qualified, First Term Free
Newly Qualified, First calendar year £83.00 (payable after free introductory offers)
Newly Qualified, Second Year £83.00 (+£6.00 Local Association Fee)
Part Time £83.00 (+ £6.00 Local Association Fee)
Part Time and Fixed Term/or PT NQT £41.50 (+ £3.00 Local Association Fee)
Trainee (SCITT; GTTP; Overseas) Free

* This is a rapid guide only. Full details are available on the application form or the membership hotline:

0845 300 1669

NUT Subscriptions are Tax-Deductable

You can claim arrears for five years.

How to claim: (a) If you are filling in a tax return, claim for NUT Subscriptions under "Expenses, Subscriptions to professional bodies". Make sure that the figure is then included in the "Expenses" column of your Tax Coding notification.

(b) If you do not fill in a tax form in any tax year, you should ask for a form P810(T). This enables you to tell the Inland Revenue how much you paid to the NUT in the previous tax year. They will then adjust your tax coding and send you a new notification.

Previous National and Local Subscription Rates are given below, for tax claims:

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Full Rate £115.00 + £11.00 Local Fee

£121.00+ £11.00 Local Fee

£125 + £11.00 Local Fee

£130 + £11.00 Local Fee

£135 + £11.00 Local Fee

£142.00 + £11.00 Local Fee

£149.00 + £11.00 Local Fee

£159.00+11.00 Local Fee

£162.00+11.00 LocalFee

Half Rate* £57.50 + £5.50 Local Fee £60.50 + £5.50 Local Fee £62.50 + £5.50 Local Fee £65.00 + £5.50 Local Fee £67.50+ £5.50 Local Fee

£71.00+ £5.50 Local Fee

£74.50+£5.50Local Fee

£79.50 +5.50 Local Fee

£81.00+5.50 Local Fee

Quarter Rate** £28.25 + £2.25 Local Fee £30.25 + £2.25 Local Fee £31.25 + £2.25 Local Fee £37.50 + £2.25 Local Fee £33.75 + £2.25 Local Fee £35.50 + £2.25 Local Fee £37.25 + £2.25 Local Fee

39.75+2.25 Local Fee

£40.5+2.25 Local Fee

** Quarter rate is for teachers working 0.3 or less fte, on supply or on a fixed-term part-time contract for less than 0.6 fte.

* Half rate is for Newly Qualified Teachers in the first 2 years of teaching and for part-time teachers working more than 0.3 fte.