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50 Things your mentor never told you - advice on keeping out of trouble in teaching



MAPS, etc for meetings, events

Maternity advice - contact NUT Regional Office 01638 555300

Maternity/Paternity or Adoptive Leave (from Suffolk LA Absence Policy)

Medicines: Medical Needs and Medicines (Suffolk NUT Advice) and SUPPORTING PUPILS WITH MEDICAL NEEDS Policy Framework for Suffolk Schools (Suffolk LA Policy and Guidance for Schools


Meetings, Courses

Membership / Joining the NUT Recruitment Hotline 0845 300 1669

MENTAL HEALTH - DCSF booklet: "Common Mental Health Problems: Supporting School Saff by Taking positive Action".

Middle Schools Campaign

MPs and MEPs for Suffolk (Direct link to SCC website)


Absence arising from accidents, injury or assault at work and Leave of Absence

Absence Policy for Schools (Suffolk Local Authority)

Abuse and Abusive behaviour

ACAS (Direct Link for publications and information)

ACADEMIES in Suffolk (page under construction)

Access and Equal Opportunities wheelchr.jpg in Suffolk NUT

Access to Personal Files

Accidents at work and  guidance for Headteachers dealing with accidents and other incidents.

Actuarially Reduced Pensions [details need updating]

Adoption leave in Suffolk

Allegations of abuse against Teachers. National Guidelines; and False Allegations - action to be taken

Amnesty International   Amnesty (Direct Link)

Annual Reports: See Archives.

Application Forms to join the Union (direct link to HQ).

Archives (Reports, Circulars and papers for Suffolk NUT Meetings and Newsletter Back-Numbers)

Assault and Injury - Index ; Assaults on Teachers and Definition of Assault  



National Executive Member for Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambs

National NUT Website (Direct Link)

Newly Qualified Teachers: A Guide to Induction in Suffolk

NQT and Newly appointed: "Welcome to Suffolk" socialsNUT Links on the NET


Benefits Agency (DHSS)

Benefits and Services to MembersBLOGSBriefings: Index

Bullying at work and direct link to the Field Foundation

Bureaucratic Burdens: Text of DfEE Circular 2/98 (still applies)

Burgundy Book: Teachers' Conditions of Service, Information and extracts.

Maternity Regulations for Teachers; Sick Pay; School Meals Agreement

Burston Rally and Map and Burston Strike School website: direct link

Bury St Edmunds BSE Association - Now West Suffolk NUT Association




ofsted logo OFSTED pages including OFSTED Reports on SchoolsOFSTED

Inspection of Suffolk LEA: NUT Evidence

Open references, open files

Order form for Union publications / briefings

Other NUT Websites


Capability Procedures in Suffolk Schools

CASE (Campaign for State Education)

Changing the School Day / Sessions and the Regulations on changing session times


A Charter for Teachers

Class size: Science Groups

Code of Conductfor Suffolk Teachers

Commuting a Pension for when a teacher is very seriously ill.

Complaints: Suffolk County Council's (Education) General Complaints Procedure for Parents and Others

CONDITIONS OF SERVICE: School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.  National and Suffolk LA Conditions and Policies

Contact info: How to contact the NUT and FEEDBACK form

Countdown discount card (an automatic benefit of NUT membership) Discounts now available on-line

County Councillors in Suffolk (Direct link to SCC site)

Courses for NUT members/Reps

COVER - Statutory Provisions and NUT Policy on Cover

Criminal Records Board (Direct link for information on the CRB)


Parental Leave: new regulations

PART-TIME CONTRACTS: pay and conditions: Suffolk NUT advice

Pay: See NUT National Website and Salary Calculator

PAY: Model NUT Pay Policy for Schools

Pay: Performance Related Pay

Pay and Conditions Document 2012

PAY APPEALS and Model Pay Appeal Procedure


Pensions - Actuarially Reduced

Pension calculations

and Continuing to pay Pension Contributions if not teaching  (Combined Contributions) and Commuting a pension (if seriously ill)

Pensions: Stepping down from a post of responsibility

Performance Management

Performance Related Pay

Personal Insurance (Accident)

PHOTOCOPYING personal documents (passports, etc)

Physical Restraint of Pupils

POLICE - When to call the police - Postively Tackling Incidents

Policies - NUT Policies and SCC Policies

PPA - PLANNING - NUT Advice on Planning for lessons, etc and on Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) and PPA - Contractual Provisions

Press Releases and letters

Primary Schools in Suffolk: NUT Response (re. Federated and extended schools)

Professional (mis)conduct

Public Duties (Jury/JP/Official Bodies)Publications available from Suffolk NUT


Damage to Members' cars and Ex Gratia Payments for malicious or accidental damage to property

Death Grant for when a teacher dies in-service

Debates Page (Guestbook page for opinions and views)

DfEE gifDfES: national links, publications and consultation DHSS (Benefits Agency)

Disability matters

Disciplinary Procedures in Suffolk schools and What is Unprofessional Conduct?

Discounts for members



Recruitment Hotline 0845 300 1669

Redundancy in schools

Re-employment after redundancy

Regional NUT Office, Newmarket

Resignation Dates for Teachers

Restraint: Suffolk CC Policy for Schools on Restraint.

Restraint (Suffolk NUT Leaflet), DfES Advice on Restraint and Pupil Behaviour (pdf file)

Right to search pupils

Right to see evidence against you (Disciplinary; Capability;Grievance)

RISK ASSESSMENT: children with a history of violent behaviour

Rules: Rules of the Suffolk Division and Standing Orders



SAFE PRACTICE - professional conduct and avoiding difficulties

Salary Information and Calculator

School Day: See "Changing the School Day"

School Meals Agreement: rules governing school meals and lunchtime duties (from the Burgundy Book)

School Reorganisation in Suffolk - Consultation

School Representatives (NUT)

Science group sizes(advice from ASE)

Searching pupils: the right of headteachers to search pupils

SEN Audit in Suffolk: NUT Response. (Archive)

SEN AUDIT: Guidance to Members, Up-date re. IT and the Audit (This is being discontinued in Suffolk and funding is to be replaced by the Pupil Premium.)

SEN Allowances: Criteria for the award of the First SEN Allowance and SEN Code of Conduct: NUT Guidance (National Website). [To be updated]

Severe Weather: Snow and Ice - School Closure Procedure for Staff and Statement from Suffolk County Council to school staff.

Sick Leave and Sick Pay (advice) and Sick Pay Regulations from the Burgundy Book



South-East Suffolk Association

South Suffolk PDC (Ipswich Teachers' Centre) - now closed and used as Offices.

Special Needs Allowance (classroom teachers in mainstream schools) [Amendment required]

"Stepping Down" Arrangements and newsletter item.

Stoke Rochford Hall

STRB Reports: see National NUT Website

STRESS:   MENTAL HEALTH - DCSF booklet: "Common Mental Health Problems: Supporting School Saff by Taking Positive Action"

STRESS MANAGEMENT AUDIT documents (HSE documents adopted by Suffolk CC)

Stress Help Line Direct Link to the TSN's helpline page for teachers suffering from stress

Strike Action: Questions and Answers; Effect on pensions

Sudbury Association lavenham - Now combined with Bury St Edmunds Association to become West Suffolk NUT Association

SUBSCRIPTIONS (current and previous for Tax deduction)

Suffolk NUT Local Association Contacts in Suffolk


SCC Logo  (Direct Link)

Sufolk Local Authority Websites of interest to Teachers

Summer Literacy Schools, and Up-date


Early Retirement for Teachers in Suffolk (general info) and Pensions Index

EBD Review (response from the NUT). See also response to EOTAS consultation.

Electing a school NUT Representative Employment Law (Free information on the INTERNET, non-NUT source).

Equal Opportunities

Essential User - Suffolk LA Agreement [No longer applies]

Ethics Code for NUT Members

Examinations Boards for GCSE

EXIT Survey or EXIT Interview

Events, Meetings, CoursesExecutive News (Archives)


Family Friendly Policies: See Work/Life Balance

FAQs: Frequently asked questions


Fertility treatment / IVF for teachers

Financial Services


Grievance Procedures, for use in Suffolk Schools and Your Right to see evidence against you 

 GTC Fee    [Now due to change]



TAs - see Teaching Assistants

Tax Relief on NUT Subscriptions

Teacher Line Direct Link to the Teachers' Support Network helpline page for teachers suffering from stress


Teacher Representative on Suffolk County Council CYP Scrutiny Committee [requires up-date]

Teachers' Travel Scheme in Suffolk - final version awaited.  Essential Users policy.

Teachers Assurance and Insurance (formerly TAC) with Teachers' Provident Society

{short description of image} Teachers Pensions Agency (direct link)

Teachers' Support Network website (formerly Teachers' Benevolent Fund): Telephone Helpline 0800 0562 561

Teaching and Learning Responsibility Allowances

Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Asssistants - doing the work of teachers?

Term Dates in Suffolk

Threshold: See DfES / Teachernet

Time off for any reason

TLRs (Teaching and Learning Allowances)

TRAINING for NUT Representatives: at Stoke Rochford Hall, Local and National NUT training. TUC training


Teachers' Travel Expenses Scheme (Suffolk)


Treasurer's Department (Payroll) [requires update]


Heating in schools: minimum temperaturesHeadquarters' Website (NUT) (Direct link)

HLTAs - see Teaching Assistants

HMSO HMSO gifHomepage



Ill Health Retirement: a personal guide. See also Pensions index.

Induction Year (to be up-dated)

Industrial Injuries and guidance for Headteachers

Industrial Injury - Suffolk JNC Agreement for when teachers are unable to work because of non-physical illness arising out of the workplace.



Harassment - Suffolk County Policy for Schools and Your Right to see evidence against you

SCC Form for lodging a harassment complaint (schools)

Health & Safety: INDEX

High Temperatures - briefing

HR - Who's who in CSD Schools HR [to be up-dated]




Insurance for Members

Injuries at School - Index

Intimate Care: advice to NUT Members and INTIMATE CARE POLICY - Suffolk County Council Guidance for schools and other settings May 2012

International Labour Organisation (ILO) Direct Link

INVIGILATION - advice to members. Teachers should not invigilate any exam or SATs

IPSWICH - Going Unitary?   [Archive]

Ipswich NUT Association Ipswich

IPSWICH Reorganisation (see SWISS) [Archive]


Jobs: Teaching Vacancies in Suffolk (direct link)

Job Share: Suffolk LA's Job-Sharing Scheme for schools

Job warnings warning

Joining the NUT (Direct link) Recruitment Hotline 0845 300 1669



Leave of Absence

Leavers' Survey/ Leavers' QuestionnaireLegal AssistanceLength of the School Day(changes to school session times)Links to other NUT and local/national bodiesLoans to members

Learning Representative

Local Associations in Suffolk

Losses and Damage incurred at work and SCC Ex Gratia Payments Policy

Lowestoft NUT Association Lowesftoft



Unacceptable Pupil Behaviour: NUT Guidance (pdf file).


Unprofessional Conduct: Safe Practice Index

Upper Pay Spine: General Advice and what to do if you do not progress to UPS2 or 3

UPS - What to do if you are overlooked for UPS2 or UPS3



Vacancies:Teaching Vacancies in Suffolk (direct link)

Vexatious Parents - Abusive and threatening behaviour

Victim Support for violence against members

Victim's Charter help for witnesses and(both are direct links)

Violence in Schools - index,




Waveney & Yoxford Southwold Association

Welcome to Suffolk

Westbrook Group Tuition Centre - using building of the former West Suffolk PDC (Teachers' Centre)

West Suffolk NUT Association

Workforce Remodelling: Workload Agreement by other Unions Jan 2003

Work/Life Balance: Suffolk LA Model Policy for Schools

Working Day: changes to sessions and DfEE Recommendations [now de-regulated]