Benefits and Services for NUT Members

This part of the Suffolk NUT website is still under construction. We publish it incomplete because it already gives useful information.

As well as the professional, advisory and legal services provided to members of the NUT , the Union has an impressive number of financial services and benefits which provide services either free of charge or at a discount. Some are listed below. It is not a complete list and is subject to change. Members should always ask their Local Association or Division Secretary if looking for assistance or benefits:

  1. Accident Insurance (Personal Accident)
  2. Commercial Union Insurance: schemes and discounts
  3. Countdown: automatic membership, card and benefits to all members; Discounts on goods and services.
  4. Countdown Travel
  5. Damage to cars and motorcycles
  6. General Insurance
  7. Hospitalisation Benefit
  8. Loans: Personal Loans
  9. Motor Purchase via FREEWAY
  10. Motor Insurance
  11. Norman Frizzell Insurance
  12. Personal Property Insurance while at work
  13. NUT LEGAL PLUS : help with other legal matters
  14. NUT Travel Club
  15. Teachers Assurance
  16. Teachers' Support Network (TSN, formerly the Teachers' Benevolent Society)
  17. Teachers' Building Society
  18. Teachers' Provident Society
  19. The Teacher Magazine distributed free to all members
  20. Union Energy: discounts on Gas and Electricity
  21. Unity First Mastercard Card

Membership of the NUT includes automatic cover, subject to the terms and conditions, in respect of four insurance policies, details of which are published in the NUT Diary:

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All members of the NUT are entitled to a free Countdown card, operated by Countdown plc. This offers discounts for national and local stores and services. Details are sent to you in your membership credentials pack each year with your membership card, which also acts as your Countdown discount card.  Further information by email to Countdown sales.

Legal Advice and Assistance

- On all legal queries concerning professional matters, contact the NUT Regional Office in Newmarket

- For non-professional matters, the NUT has arranged for NUT members and their family to have access to non-work related problems through NUT LEGAL PLUS.  This gives access to the services of Thomspons the UK's largest top quality trade union law firm, for "out of work" legal matters on a no-win, no-fee basis:

  • No-win no-fee personal injruy cover for accidents within the UK away from work
  • No win no fee representation in UK-based claims arising from accidents abroad
  • No win no fee legal representation in claims for medical negligence
  • Low fixed price home buying and selling
  • Low fixed price wills.
  • Contact Number for Thompsons NUT LEGAL PLUS: 0800 169 6660

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    A wide range of Insurance, Assurance and savings schemes are available from Teachers (the new name for the Teachers' Assurance Company). Teachers is the only NUT recommended provider of life assurance and investment products.

    Teachers also operates a free financial advice service on Freephone 0800 435435 or Freephone 0800 378722.

    You can also contact Teachers Insurance on the INTERNET.

    Postal address: Teachers, FREEPOST, Deansleigh Road, BOURNEMOUTH, BH7 7BR.

    Membership of the NUT includes automatic cover, subject to the terms and conditions, in respect of four insurance policies, details of which are published in the NUT Diary:

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    Please be ready to quote your NUT Membership number for all queries and benefits

    - Hospitalisation

    - Personal Property

    Notify Membership and Communications Department at NUT Headquarters immediately the loss or damage is discovered. It is a condition of the policy that the police be notified immediately in all cases of theft which are the subject of a claim on the insurers.

    - Malicious Damage to Members' Cars/Motor Cycles while on school premises.

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    Motor Insurance

    The Union recommends two companies offering motor insurance and motor cycle cover at beneficial rates to members:

    Address: Frizzell House, County Gates, BOURNEMOUTH, BH1 2NF

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    You and your family can now make substantial savings all the year round on your noliday and travel arrangements through the NUT Travel Club - a direct travel agency.

    You can save amnuthing from £20 to as much as £950 on package holidays, cruises, flights, ferries and even weekend breaks.

    To book all you need to do is phone the NUT Travel Club on 0800 626928 (please quote reference 0029).

    NUT Travel club staff will give you free advice, including late availability bargains and special offers.

    You can also visit the NUT Travel Club's website for details and further information. Or send your query by e-mail to the NUT Travel Club, quoting reference 0029.

    Union Energy:

    Union Energy is a part of Scottish Power and promises the following benefits to NUT members:

    Contact: Union Energy, Sales and Service, PO Box 3889, GLASGOW, G44 4YU

    Tel.: 0845 2721010

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