Teaching and Learning Points Briefing

from Suffolk NUT

Model Letter for a Personal Grievance on TLRs/Loss of Management Allowance

Circular in Schools Mail (Nov 2005) to Primary School Reps: UPS1/2/3 is not a promoted post

FAX Circular to NUT Reps: RIG guidance has no statutory force - official.

Help with How to respond to your school's draft proposals
1 - TLR Consultation Briefing for all members.
2 - Ready-reckoner to calculate how much your school's proposal will cost, and how little the NUT assimilation model would cost.
3 - - Notes for full NUT response to draft proposals for your school

"Ready-reckoner" - see how much you lose . This Excel spreadsheet indicates how much you lose if your MA allowance is taken away.

Circular to members who face loss of pay from re-structuring, September 2005

Letter from Suffolk NUT to Headteachers in Suffolk asking headteachers to adopt a "minimum change" or "assimilation" approach to re-structuring.

Safeguarding - up-date showing the effect of any cut in pay, with so-called safeguarding.

Suffolk NUT Powerpoint presentation on the RIG pay proposals (Right click to download)

NUT Reps' Training Questions

NUT Reps' Countdown Checklist

New Section 3 to the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document 2004 (gives up-dated "Statutory Guidance" on pay policies, UPS progression, TLRs, etc).

The RIG Guidance (the "toolkit") (Direct Link to Teachernet page) and the RIG "Timeline"

Headquarters letter to Headteachers re. NUT School Representatives' involvement.

Invititations to School Reps' Training June 2005: North Suffolk 27th June, South Suffolk 28th June, West Suffolk 30th June.

TLRs explained: FAXed to Suffolk Schools in November 2004 "What's all this about new Management Allowances ?"

TLR Payments - The Gathering Storm: Illustrations of the potential loss of earnings and pension

"Safeguarding" of Management Allowances

TLR Newsletter from Lewisham NUT

Non-teaching posts: Pay and responsibilities (Suffolk LEA policy).

Posters from NUT HQ
(Text version)

NUT NEWS 14: It could be you!

NUT News 15: Fear over pay protection deal

NUT News 16: Could this mean the end of pastoral education?

NUT News 17: Some Safeguarding Safeguarded - BUT NOT SAFE YET!