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Suffolk Division NUT

Information for Division Council Meeting (18:30 - 21:00)

Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich

Wednesday September 22nd 2010

Circulars from HQ, etc: 
  1. Executive News 163
  2. Executive News 162
  3. 10-144-ECR - PROTECTING TEACHERS’ MENTAL HEALTH – GUIDANCE FOR NUT SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES AND HEALTH AND SAFETY REPRESENTATIVES ON WORKING WITH GOVERNING BODIES: (on Hearth): suggests ways in which NUT representatives and health and safety representatives can work with governors to safeguard the mental health of teachers
  4. 10-143-EEPD - RECLAIM THE NIGHT MARCH IN LONDON: SATURDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 2010: A coalition of women’s charities is organising a Reclaim the Night March in London on 27 November 2010 at 6.00 p.m. starting in central London. The march is for women and is followed by a mixed rally and party, at which women and men are welcome.
  5. 10-142-EEPD - EARLY YEARS SINGLE FUNDING FORMULA UPDATE: The Department for Education, in its current consultation on school funding 2011-12, has stated that all local authorities will be required to implement the EYSFF from April 2011. Detailed information about the EYSFF implementation process is expected to be included in the separate consultation on school finance regulations, which is expected to take place in the autumn term.  In the meantime, however, local authorities which are not currently piloting the EYSFF are expected to continue to plan for its implementation.  Placed on CYP Forum agenda for local consultation. The march is for women and is followed by a mixed rally and party, at which women and men are welcome.
  6. 10-141EEPD - OFSTED CATEGORIES OF CONCERN: new guidance ‘Working in a Special Measures or Notice to Improve School – Advice for NUT School Representatives and Members’.  NUT has consistently raised concerns over the Ofsted system of inspection and, in particular, the impact of the September 2009 inspection framework on schools and those who work in them.  The Union needs more feedback on their experiences of inspection, using the pro forma available on the campaigns section of the national website (
  7. 10-140-SC - BURSTON STRIKE SCHOOL RALLY – SUNDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2010: rather late notification!  Several NUT members from Norfolk and Suffolk were present.  Graham helped with the RO's stall. Christine Blower spoke.  No national banner unfortunately.  Could Suffolk NUT think about getting a banner sometime?
  8. 10-138-OM - NUT REPRESENTATIVES’ CREDENTIALS AND BADGES: In order to promote this role and to acknowledge members who undertake it, the Union is sending a pack to all NUT representatives in the autumn term containing personalised credentials, a badge and a booklet. Associations and divisions have the option of undertaking this distribution locally with local material.
  13. 10- 131-S&C - THE NUT'S CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE EXPANSION OF THE ACADEMIES PROGRAMME: NUT reps in "non-outstanding" schools schools will be sent an amended version of the pack of materials that has previously been sent to reps in ‘outstanding’ schools. Members in relevant schools that do not have a rep will be encouraged to elect one.  Stories are coming in from around the country of schools that have decided not to apply for academy status.  Greentrees Primary School voted unanimously not to become an academy.  At least five “outstanding” schools in Surrey and one in Windsor and Maidenhead have stated that they have no intention of going down the academy route, with many others expressing scepticism about the Government’s proposals.
  15. 10-129-SSEE - PAY AND PENSIONS: BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Government announced that the teachers' pay award of 2.3% will be implemented in full in Sept 2010 but proposes a pay freeze for public employees earning > £21,000 for 2011 and 2012. The Gov also announced a "Public Sector Pensions Commission".  This will review the affordability of the various schemes, including the TPS.  Gov has stated that accrued rights will be protected.  The Chancellor's Budget speech announced various changes to the pensions system, including a move from RPI to CPI as the basis for uprating public sector pensions which is likely to lead to financial losses for existing and future pensioners.
    Assistant Secretary's Report
  1. ISIS Review: 2 further meetings held over the Summer Break.  Graham had to step in for MG for the first, and both attended the second and the ISIS PD Day on Sept 3rd.  Several circulars to members re. developments, including successful bid to include all temporary and fixed term staff (of more than 12 months) in the pool for selection for new posts.  Redundancy payments for those on FTCs also confirmed. Process now being implemented.  Following NUT and ASPECT responses, LA added 4 posts with subject responsibilities.  This still leaves Art, CDT, Humanities and MFL with little chance of a post where they could continue to apply their skills and experience.  Process is now beginning:
    Initial declaration of interest in voluntary retirement or redundancy by Sept 8th
    Applications for top tier posts by Sept 17th or Sept 29th (promotions)
    Applications for second tier posts by Oct 6th  or Oct 19th (promotions)
    Applications for third tier posts by Oct 19th or Nov 2nd (promotions)
    "Clearing house" for any unfilled vacancies 10th November
    Notice of redundancies for those not appointed end of November
    Redundancy to take effect March 31st 2011 (except some funded work)
    Emphasis on new School Improvement team will be SIP work and "School Reviews", rather than any subject based advisory work, for HoDs and teaching staff. However, there is no guarantee that, after the Autumn public spending decisions, SIPs will continue in their present form.
  2. Advisory Teachers who transferred to Soulbury (or who should have transferred to Soulbury) w.e.f. Sept 2008 are now eligible for Structured Professional Assessment points, which for those not on the maximum of the scale can be in addition to the annual increment.  This is part of the Agreement signed by ASPECT and NUT in August 2009 and for this group of employees will be a welcome pay increase at a time when many others are facing a pay freeze, because the transfer was on to a scale with a higher maximum than before.
  3. Letter from SCC (Ian Brown) re. Primary Curriculum and PD Days: "I wrote to you on 30 April 2010 to inform you that the extra PD day during the 2010-11 academic year announced by The Rt Hon Ed Balls in his letter dated 1 February 2010 would no longer apply, as the proposed reform to the primary curriculum was not approved by parliament.
    On 7 June 2010 the new government published further information on the primary curriculum on the education website ( This confirms an extra PD day during the 2010-11 academic year will now go ahead, but only for all primary schools teaching Key Stages 1 & 2. Middle schools are not affected.  .../... Primary schools teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 may now introduce an extra PD day during the forthcoming year."
  4. Photocopying of Proof of Identity.  The CC obtained Counsel's legal view and forwarded to us a long opinion which was internally contradictory, of course, and while admitting that their was no statutory requirement by OFSTED or the Border Agency for employers to take photocopies of UK Passports, for example, it claimed that the employer would still be wise to do so in order to have a legal "excuse" if they were later found to have employed someone illegally (who had used a forged document, etc).  The legal opinion went on to say that we should take up our objections with Government.  This has been forwarded to HQ Legal Department and MG will puruse the matter further with David Ruffley, when he returns to his MPs duties after his illness.

Date of next meeting: November 10th 2010 Ipswich


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