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Letter to the Editors of EADT and EDP re. closure of Middle Schools in Lowestoft and Haverhill, July 2011

NUT Response to proposal to close St Louis Middle School

Circular to NUT Reps in Middle Schools - July 2011 up-date

CIRCULAR TO NUT REPS Re Leadership Safeguarding

Leadership postholders - safeguarding regulations

Suffolk LA's Vacancy Management Process for MS Closures (March 2011)

Circular to MS Members, November 2010 (Amendments to Vacancy Management)

Circular to NUT Reps in Middle Schools: Don't fill in the audit form as yet! and February Up-date

NUT Response to SOR Consultation, Phase 2:


Mildenhall and Brandon

Bungay, Beccles and Leiston

NUT Formal Objection to the Statutory Notice, Lowestoft SOR

and Press Release, October 2008

Letter to Patricia O'Brien to confirm support for federation and SOR

Suffolk NUT Calls for Federation to avoid disruption and achieve stable staffing

Suffolk NUT Press Release re. SOR - cabinet paper for March 4th 2008

NUT Response to Proposal to reorganise education in Lowestoft, January 2008

Press Release, October 2007

Circular to NUT Members in Lowestoft October 2007

NUT Policy and observations for Lowestoft September 2007


Suffolk County Council has decided to close all Middle Schools in 3 phases:

Group 1

Lowestoft and Haverhill

Group 2

Beccles, Bungay, Leiston, Mildenhall and Newmarket

Group 3

Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Thurston and Stowmarket

The timetable for Group 1 is:




Plan for changes

Yr groups stay as normal

Curriculum planning, logistics

    First changes

e.g. Yr 5 remains in primary school

Second changes:

e.g. Y6 remains in primary school

Middle Schools part of high schools

Group 2 will follow 12 months later, and Group 3, 24 months later




There are "stakeholder groups" set up for Lowestoft and Haverhill, which include appointed individuals from each school in the area.  The NUT has appointed representatives to these.  However, the proceedings of these stakeholder forums are confidential, despite protests from the NUT.

The Lowestoft and Haverhill Forums have developed some initial proposals and have asked the NUT for feedback (on proposals we have been forbidden from sharing with our members!).  By consulting with those who have some information on their own school's projected future and local knowledge, Suffolk NUT has produced feedback on the Lowestoft proposals, reflecting NUT policy to retain middle school buildings and staff in KS3 annexes to the Upper/High Schools.   A similar response for Haverhill is under preparation.   Central to Suffolk NUT's policy is the need to introduce and retain vocational education at KS4 in the High School curriculum and to retain sixth-forms in our High Schools.

We are not allowed to publish the current options under consideration for Lowestoft and Haverhill, however, we are publishing NUT feedback on the questions asked:

Basic Options for Reorganisation (LA approved models) (Powerpoint file)

Circular to MS NUT Reps and    Members, June 2007

Circular to NUT Reps in other schools, 3-tier areas

Staffing Protocol (what happens to staff in schools which close)


ARCHIVES - How the NUT Fought to Save Middle Schools

School Reorganisation - the Closure of Middle Schools

What has the NUT done so far?:

  1. June 2006 - NUT Set up a "Have your say" page for comments from members on the initial consultation paper, on  .
  2. Called Local Associaiton meetings for members to discuss, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 2006
  3. Open meeting with Rosalind Turner (Suffolk Director of Services for Children and Young People) in Bury St Edmunds in June.
  4. NUT Response to the "in principle" consultation on a 2 or 3-tier system for Suffolk, September 2006. What we said - conclusions.
  5. Secured NUT members on the "Stakeholder panel" which met frequently with the Policy Review Panel.
  6. 2 meetings at County level with the Policy Review Panel.
  7. NUT Circular to NUT Representatives in Middle Schools, December 2006 re. announcement of closure plan.
  8. NUT Appeal to members of SCC Cabinet, January 2007.  The warnings we gave.
  9. Worded Joint Press Statement by NUT, ATL, NASUWT and UNISON, embargoed to February 21st 2007. What we are asking for now.
  10. Meetings of NUT members on the closure of Middle Schools:

    21st February, Westley Middle School at 19.15

    22nd February, Kirkley High School Vocational Centre at 19:30

    28th February, Halesworth Middle School at 19.30

  11. Regular Reports posted on the Division's Website for meetings held in June 2006, Setember 2006, November 2006, January 2007.
  12. Several Press Comments on Radio Suffolk, SGR Radio, and in the EADT and EDP.
  13. Flyer produced for the Celebration of Middle Schools, Westley Middle School. 10th March
  14. Now we are calling upon members to write to councilors and ask them to think againWhat you can do.

Conclusions to NUT Response to original consultation: In summary, the NUT believes that:

The warnings we gave:

Announcing closure but no plan for replacement means:

What we're asking for:

What you can do:

It now all depends on the decision of the County Council on March 22nd. Each County Councillors has a vote, and they can only vote to accept or reject.   We ask all members and their colleagues to write to their County Councillor urging them to reject the proposals.   If you work and live in a different County Council ward, you can write to both Councillors.  Councillors from all over the county, of all parties, and from areas where there are no Middle Schools, all have a vote!

Follow this link to the SCC website to find the address of your County Councillor.

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