NUT School Representatives

Electing an NUT Representative in your school : NUT School Representatives should be elected or re-elected each year, usually at the beginning of the school year or when an existing Rep leaves if at a different time.  Very often there will be no contest and members will be grateful for anyone agreeing to take on the post.   However, it helps with credibility with members and SMT if every opportunity is taken to ensure that all members have an opportunity of putting themselves forward as Rep and for there to be a secret ballot of members if there is more than one nomination.

Suffolk NUT suggests the following procedure: 

1   *The existing Representative calls a meeting of all members** and asks for nominations for Rep for the coming year to be made in writing, giving a deadline (a week is normally sufficient).  It is helpful if all members are issued with a nomination form with the deadline clearly printed on it, so that nobody feels that they have been left out.  If the Headteacher is also an NUT member, (s)he must be able to nominate and to have a vote, of course.  Supply teachers who are regularly employed at the school should also be invited to participate if they are members.
2   The Nominations should then be pinned on the NUT Noticeboard in the staffroom by the nominee or (if there is not an NUT Noticeboard, then there should be!).  The paper should give the name of the nominee, the name of the person making the nomination and the signature of the nominee signifying consent to stand.  [Alternatively, the members can appoint a volunteer "returning officer to receive nominations and, later, count votes].

a) If there is only one nomination made by the deadline, that person is elected unopposed

    b) If there is more than one candidate, then the existing representative (or an agreed volunteer who has not made a nomination and is not a nominee) arranges for a secret ballot.  It is best if a printed ballot form and a plain envelope with "NUT Ballot" printed on it, is issued to each member with the names of the candidates, a place in which to record the vote, the date by which the ballot paper must be received, and where to hand in the paper.  The Headteacher may well allow the school secretary to receive the papers and to witness the opening of the papers for the count.  We suggest that a "first past the post" is all that is required - the person with the most votes is the representative. (A model voting form is available).  All candidates should be present when the envelopes are opened and the votes counted.
 4   The person who is elected, by ballot or unopposed, should inform the headteacher that they have been elected NUT Representative, and also inform the local association secretary (see contact on your membership card).  Please make sure that the Representative includes e-mail contact details wherever possible.

* Where the Representative has left without a successor being appointed, any member can arrange for a meeting of all the members in the school.  If you need help in arranging a ballot, please contact your local associaiton secretary (as per your membership card).

** A print-out of those paying subscriptions and for whom yours is the school address given, is available from your local association secretary (see Contact on your NUT Card).