Heads and Line Managers should not copy Passports and other documents

Suffolk NUT challenged the Authority's circular to schools telling them that they had to take copies of documents proving staff's identity and qualifications.  It was first suggested that this was to comply with OFSTED demands.

We contacted OFSTED who confirmed that Inspectors do not have the right to see photocopies of documents seen in order to complete the Single Central Record.  Click here for OFSTED's response.

SCC then suggested that the DCSF were insisting that copies had to be taken so we referred this to the Information Commissioner. We have scanned the original hard copy of the ICO's response to Suffolk NUT, as three separate pages:

ICO Letter page 1

ICO Letter page 2

ICO letter page 3

We forwarded the letter to Suffolk County Council. 

At the CYP Forum meeting of 9th June 2010, the Authority agreed that the NUT had correctly advised members and headteachers and that a circular would be issued advising schools that they should not take any photocopies of documents which could be used for identity theft, including passports and certificates.

We advise all staff who handed their passports, etc. over for photocopying to ask for that photocopy back, in order that they can destroy it themselves.  Members are advised that they should not just accept assurances that the Head / organisation will destroy the copies which were originally made.