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Information for Division Council Meeting on Wednesday 6th March 2013

Venue: Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich   18:30 for 19:00

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Circulars and Information From HQ

  1. Privatisation Update Number 32 – March 2013: including a paper on the lack of any "improvements" arising from the Academies Programme.
  2. Privatisation Update Number 31 – February 2013ACADEMIES CAMPAIGNS (You need to be logged in to Hearth for these links)

    Roke parents’ campaign against forced academy “regime”
    Academies and Lies – the story of forced academisation

    ‘Academy status is not a panacea for improvement’ - Academies Commission
    Open Academies
    Camden bucks academy trend
    Academy overpayment of £174 million will cause DfE budget squeeze
    GCSE data shows non-academies perform just as well as academies
    City Challenge better than academies for improving standards
    DfE demands scorecard from “struggling” academies
    Not all chains are alike – and Westminster, Islington and Hackney do very well
    Chains’ rapid expansion causes concern
    Private companies to run schools for profit in Tory second term
    New Schools’ Minister’s links to businesses and academies
    NUT poll shows academy teachers are sceptical of education reforms
    Teach First respondents’ reservations about academies

    DfE forced to reveal free school proposers’ details
    Pickles to relax planning laws for free schools
    Free schools censured by advertising watchdog
    More free schools give priority to children of founders
    Revised list of approved free school proposals released
    Birbalsingh free school moves to Brent
    Closed Herefordshire school reopens as free school
    Eton to sponsor Berkshire Free School
    AC Grayling plans humanities specialist free school
    North London free school could cost council £3 million
    Willmott Dixon to build Toby Young free school
    Fulham free school opening postponed

    Lincs academies face 'naming and shaming'
    MPs probe cost of boarding academy

    New studio school applications announced
    Vivo Miles lottery scheme criticised


    Gove's US education guru's record on schools questioned
    Disciplinary fees boost charter school earnings

  4. 13-031-SSEE - REVIEW OF 2013-14 SCHOOL FUNDING ARRANGEMENTS IN ENGLAND: HQ is asking for information from Divisions and urging Divisions to seek to influence LA's responses to the DfE.
  5. 13-030-SSEE - SCHOOL TEACHERS’ PAY – FURTHER INFORMATION ON GOVERNMENT PROPOSALS: The DfE has now published for statutory consultation the draft 2013 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, confirming Michael Gove’s intention to press ahead with his proposals.  The DfE has said that, following the consultation, it will make the 2013 STPCD available to schools at the start of the summer term.  Governing bodies will be required to discuss revised pay policies and appraisal policies linked to pay next term, even though the 2013 STPCD will not have statutory effect until 1 September 2013 when decisions on the 1% teachers’ pay increase for September 2013 will have been taken. The first decisions on pay based on the new provisions will be taken for September 2014 at the conclusion of the 2013-14 appraisal cycle. Details on Hearth.
  6. 13-029-RM - EXECUTIVE BY-ELECTION: DISTRICT 9: Peter Glover was elected.
  7. 13-027-SC - TUC PRE-BUDGET RALLY: 13 MARCH 2013: the TUC have organised a rally in London in advance of the Chancellor’s Budget statement to take place at the Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW from 18:00 to 19:30 on Wednesday, 13 March and will call on the Chancellor to deliver for jobs, growth and families in his Budget statement on 20 March. The Union has been asked to provide a speaker at the rally. FLYER.
  8. 13-026-ECR - MISUSE OF CAPABILITY – SURVEY OF LOCAL OFFICERS’ EXPERIENCES:Local Officers are asked to go to and complete a short questionnaire, by the end of February.
  9. 13-025-OM - SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD EVENTS: Closest to us is: Tuesday, 7 May 2013, Millwall Football Club, Zampa Rd, London SE16 3LN
  10. 13-024-RM - ARRANGEMENTS FOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2013, including prioritisation of motions, and forms for amendments.
  11. 13-023-OM - PRIORITY MOTION: MEMBERSHIP AND QUALIFIED TEACHER STATUS: The Executive has agreed that Rule 5(d) should be amended to make it clear that the Union will admit all who are employed as a teacher in an educational establishment. The Executive also agreed that this should be put to Conference for approval by means of a priority motion.
  12. 13-022-EE - SEND MY FRIEND TO SCHOOL 2013: The Global Campaign for Education UK coalition has launched its 2013 Send My Friend to School campaign, entitled Every Child Needs a Teacher.  Over 10,000 schools and youth groups have been involved in this successful campaign in the UK so far. The campaign provides high quality school resources to enable pupils to support the global goal of Education for All. This year’s campaign recognises the need for 1.7 million more teachers to fill the education gap globally.
  13. 13-021-SSEE -SCHOOL FUNDING IN ENGLAND – SPRING TERM 2013 UPDATE: updates on Hearth re:
    • School funding announcement for 2013-14
    • Funding for facilities time
    • Schools Forums
    • Capital funding
    • Early years funding
    • Academy funding
    • Small schools
    • LA funding for non-education services
    • Cuts impact on schools and education services
  14. 13-020-ECR - CRB CHECKS AND THE REHABILIATION OF OFFENDERS ACT: In R (on the application of T) v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester and Ors, the Court of Appeal held that the statutory criminal record checking scheme is incompatible with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Court held that while the scheme pursues the legitimate aims of protecting employers and vulnerable people, and enabling employers to make an assessment as to whether an individual is suitable for a particular kind of work, requiring the disclosure of all recorded convictions and cautions is disproportionate.  Recent changes to the vetting scheme mean that from early 2013 (there is no firm date as yet), a CRB certificate will be disclosed to the applicant before it is disclosed to an existing or prospective employer. Members with minor convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings appearing on their CRB certificate which would - under normal rules - be ‘spent’ convictions, should ask to have the offences removed before the certificate is sent to an employer.
  16. 13-018-E&E - OFSTED INSPECTION OF LOCAL AUTHORITY SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS: A new programme of school inspections targeting so-called ‘under-performing’ local authorities has been launched by Ofsted. Ofsted has said that a team of inspectors will visit the LA and conduct inspections of selected schools within a five day period. Any evidence of a lack of support from councils will trigger a direct inspection of LA education departmentsIf ‘serious weaknesses’ are found in LA inspections, Ofsted would report these to the DfE, which could lead to LAs having some of their responsibilities removed and given to an academy chain or a private provider. Academisation of the LA’s maintained schools, particularly primary schools, may also be recommended as a way of raising standards in these areas.  Divisions and associations are requested to check whether their LA is likely to be targeted by Ofsted.  Suffolk presumably will be.
  18. 13-016-E&E - PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN - DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD: Take action by asking your MP to sign EDM 786 about Palestinian children's right to be protected by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child from violence, abuse and neglect.  For further information and to write to your MP please go to:
  19. 13-015-SC - NUT EXECUTIVE DECISIONS ON 24 JANUARY 2013: Both NUT and NASUWT believe that strike action may, in the short term, be unlikely to persuade the Government not to proceed with their proposed changes on pay. Immediate strategy is to work with NASUWT to:
  21. 13-011-EE - NATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE at Stoke Rochford Hallover the weekend of Saturday, 13 July and Sunday, 14 July. The Conference fee includes overnight accommodation for the evenings of Fri 12 July and Sat 13 July.  Theme yet to be announced.
  22. 13-010-RM -  PAYMENT OF CONFERENCE REPRESENTATIVES FOR 2013 TRAVEL EXPENSES: AMENDMENT: HQ grant for local secretaries is available for a maximum of five days at £100 per day.
  23. 13-009-C - LAUNCH OF NUT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: A Facebook page by the National Union of Teachers has now gone live at - designed for a general readership – members and non-members – and is principally for the dissemination of campaign issues. The Facebook page is maintained and written by Strategy and Communications.
  24. 13-008-O&M - NUT/TES NEW TEACHERS WEBSITE LAUNCH: The Union has entered in to a 12 month arrangement with TSL Education Limited, the owners of TES, to provide a jointly branded website for student teachers and NQTs at: with:
  25. 13-007-O&M - NUT HEALTH AND SAFETY REPRESENTATIVES' COURSE: 4-8 FEBRUARY 2013: The course is open to:
  26. 13-005-S&C - BRIEFING FOR DIVISION SECRETARIES (ENGLAND): 1 FEBRUARY 2013: including a employment law update.
    Report from MG, EOTAS and Soulbury Caseworker:
  27. EOTAS Review : The Review into EOTAS restructuring is behind schedule and so the proposed Conference for feedback to all EOTAS staff won't take place until 19th April. The feedback to date is simply that it is confirming the concerns we have already put to the LA.  In the meantime several aspects have got worse:
  28. EOTAS: Belle Vue: The "homeless" tuition group which was temporarily housed at Belle Vue is now to be closed, ostensibly because Babergh will not extend the lease, and so the staff and pupils there are to be squeezed into the small and gloomy rooms known as No 46 in BSE, and the 4'rce PHSE staff who work in No 46 are to be merged with the EOTAS teaching staff at Westbrook, where there will be 13 staff, 18 pupils and 4 teaching rooms.  We have objected but to no avail.  Staff are beside themselves, particular re. yr 11 disruption a couple of weeks before the exams. We are trying to find out whether Belle Vue House really is unable to accept an extension of the lease.
  29. EOTAS: 4'rce.  We asked the LA for details of what arrangements were made with 4'rce for such things as appraisal, purchase of ESS, admissions policy, etc. in Centres run by 4'rce but staffed by SCC teachers.  Surprise, surprise, there is nothing written down - they make it up as they go along!  In the end, GG went to a Lead Teacher and found some answers, but they have no legitimacy as the are just one person's assumptions.  We will pursue this until there is a proper protocol which everyone can see governing who is responsible for what in these centres.  For example, Nick Wilding says that teachers have to fill in an SCC Incident Report Form for violent, hazardous incidents or where there is an injury.  4'rce run a different reporting system of their own which does not get reported back to the LA's H&S team.  Recipe for disaster, but no one had noticed - until we did. Still no outcome, however.
  30. Hospital Teacher, West Suffolk: The LA is intent on turning the part-time hospital teacher into just another EOTAS tutor who might be asked to "pop in" to the hospital. This is being resisted by the hospital and local activists, as well as by the NUT of course.  We raised the issue of a lack of dedicated job description back in September, and the LA have resisted all attempts by us to get the 0.5 contract clearly marked as "hospital teacher".  Now we see the reason - they want to get rid of the post, which will mean the Rainbow classroom (which BSE NUT Contributed to) would stand empty.  As with so many things in EOTAS, it is all done behind people's back without consultation or, indeed, any clear reasoning.  The EADT blew the story on 5th March following talks between the LA and the NHS, to which neither the Union nor the hospital teacher was invited.  Par for the course.
  31. Soulbury: The Soulbury Conditions of Service documentation is now complete and is published on our website.
  32. Soulbury: Sensory & Communications: We are still waiting for the Review of this service to start.  In the meantime, the LA is appointing ordinary teachers (including NQTs) to the previously Soulbury-graded posts of Advisory Teachers for the Sensory Impaired.  This is a back-door downgrading of posts, similar to the downgrading of the Early Years teams, but without any notice or consultation.

  Report from "Webmaster"

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