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Suffolk Division NUT

Information for Division Council AGM (18:30 - 21:00)

The Brewery Tap , Ipswich

Wednesday March 9th 2011

Suffolk NUT Spring Briefing

March for the Alternative - pick-up times for Suffolk and Norfolk coaches

Executive News January 2011

Circulars from HQ, etc: 

  2. 11-030-SC - TUC MARCH AND RALLY - 26 MARCH 2011: There will be distribution points for materials on the day – along the Embankment, at Hyde Park and possibly at other pick-up points across London.  Further information will be made available to local officers and on the website.
  3. 11-029-EE - NATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE: 9-10 JULY 2011: Reclaiming Teacher Professionalism: Taking control of the profession.  
  4. 11-027-E&E - NUT DISABLED TEACHERS' CONFERENCE 2011: preliminary arrangements for this year’s Disabled Teachers’ Conference on Saturday, 18 June 2011 at Hamilton House.

    •        Lord Young Review of Health and Safety
    •        TUC Survey of Health and Safety Reps
    •        Health and Safety Week of Action
    •        Asbestos Claims Ruling
    •        Face the FACKs
    •        Powered Gates
    •        New BUSK Website

    •        Online Stress Exercises for Safety Reps
    •        Safety Representatives’ Resources
    •        Climate Week
    •        European Week of Health and Safety
    •        NUT Circulars
    •        Health and Safety Representatives Training
    •        Health and Safety Advisers’ Briefing
  7. 11-023-O&M - YOUNG TEACHERS' CONFERENCE: 10-12 JUNE 2011
  9. 11-021-SSEE - SCHOOL FUNDING IN ENGLAND – SPRING 2011 UPDATE:  Spring 2011 update includes information on:
    •        the DfE funding announcement for 2011-12;
    •        the implementation of the Pupil Premium and the Early Intervention Grant;
    •        academy funding;
    •        the funding issues raised in the White Paper and Education Bill;
    •        Post-16 funding.
    The termly update and associated briefings are available on Hearth at: educationpolicies/schoolfunding.
  11. 11-019-ECR - NUT HEALTH AND SAFETY WORKING GROUP: 2010-2012: (NW Region only).
  12. 11-018-SSEE - PENSIONS UPDATE – SPRING TERM 2011: The Union has produced and updated a wide range of briefing and campaigning documents. These include a PowerPoint presentation, intended for use at local meetings, accompanied by a speaker briefing which gives the key facts in defence of teachers’ pensions, + an A4 and A5 pensions leaflet and pensions card, available at  The Union has a basic guide to the TPS so that members can appreciate exactly what they stand to lose, together with documents specifically targeted at NQTs and women teachers, at

    Contribution Increase: The Government plans to raise £2.8bn from public sector pension schemes, including between £768m and £852 from the TPS, through higher pension contributions from scheme members.  Phasing the increase between April 2012 and April 2014 would have the following impact on the employee contribution rate for the TPS (currently 6.4 per cent).


    April 2012

    April 2013

    April 2014

    £768m saving

    7.7 per cent

    8.9 per cent

    9.5 per cent

    £852m saving

    7.8 per cent

    9.2 per cent

    9.8 per cent

    Teachers would end up paying either 9.5 per cent or 9.8 per cent pension contributions by April 2014.  This would cost an NQT up to £61 extra per month and a teacher on UPS3 up to £102 extra.  This proposal is explicitly intended to increase government income in order to address the short term gap between income and expenditure in the public sector pensions schemes.  It is therefore simply a tax levy on teachers.  The teacher unions have jointly rejected the proposals and have called for them to be withdrawn immediately.  The Government has now agreed to defer consideration of the proposals but the unions will need to continue to campaign to secure their withdrawal.

    Public Service Pensions Commission: The Hutton Commission is soon to publish its second and final report on public service pension arrangements in the United Kingdom.  Submissions by the Teachers Side (representing the UK teacher unions), the NUT and the TUC can be found at The submissions continue to argue that the case has not been made for moving away from the current arrangements and that the reforms made in 2007, including higher employee contribution rates for all members, higher normal pension ages for new joiners, and cost-sharing agreements have made public sector pensions sustainable in the long-term.

    Teachers’ Pension Increase 2011: As you know, the Government intends to change the basis of indexation of public service pension schemes from the RPI to the CPI from April 2011. The annual April teachers’ pension increase is based on the inflation figure from the previous September. The CPI figure in the year to September 2010 was 3.1 per cent, so if the change takes place, teacher pensioners will receive a 3.1 per cent increase from April 2010. This 3.1 per cent increase will also apply to the indexation of deferred pensions, and CPI will also be used for other purposes such as the indexation of a teacher’s best 3 consecutive years in their last 10 years of service, one of the measures of final salary used to calculate pension.  The September RPI figure was 4.6 per cent. Therefore a teacher with the average £10,000 pension in payment will lose £150 this year alone. The Union continues to campaign against this change.

    Basic State Pension: In the June 2010 Budget, the Government announced the restoration of the earnings link for the basic state pension from April 2011, with a ‘triple guarantee’ that it would rise by the higher of earnings, prices or 2.5 per cent. The ‘prices’ element of the triple guarantee would be RPI in April 2011 but would revert to CPI thereafter. The highest part of the ‘triple guarantee’ for this year is prices. The basic state pension will therefore be increased by the September 2010 RPI figure – 4.6 per cent from April 2011. The full basic pension will rise from £97.65 to £102.15.

    Treasury Consultation on Discount Rate The Treasury has launched a consultation on the appropriate ‘discount rate’ to be used for valuation of public sector pension schemes. Although the Teachers’ Pension Scheme has no actual fund of assets, it is run on a ‘notionally funded’ basis and its liabilities are valued together with notional assets to determine the contributions payable by teachers and employers.  If the current assumed ‘discount rate’, used in these valuations, is cut by 0.5 per cent, this would push up the total contribution rate necessary to fund the Teachers’ Pension Scheme by 3 per cent. This technical change would then justify the Government maintaining, for the long term, the proposed increase in teachers’ contributions referred to earlier.  This is an important issue and the Union will be submitting a response defending the current basis.

  13. 11-017-ECR - WHITEBOARD STICKERS: with message ‘Save your Sight – Look away from the Light’. Includes a link to the NUT’s guidance document ‘Interactive Whiteboard Projectors’.  The sticker can be attached to the side of the whiteboard or to the wall.
  14. 11-016-OM - PARTNERSHIP WITH THE MUSICIANS’ UNION: The Union has formed a partnership with the Musicians’ Union to strengthen the promotion of music education in schools in England and Wales.  Under its terms, suitably qualified members of either union are able to join the other union at a reduced rate; this is the NUT local association fee for MU members joining NUT.  
  16. 11-014-RM - ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2011 - HARROGATE PAYMENT OF CONFERENCE EXEPNSES: HQ will meet the travel expenses of up to two delegates from each association/division attending Annual Conference (standard class rail fare). HQ grant for local secretaries = a maximum of five days at £100 per day.
  17. 11-013-EC&R - ROYAL WEDDING PUBLIC HOLIDAY: 29 APRIL - ARRANGEMENTS FOR SCHOOL CLOSURE: A bank holiday has been announced for 29 April 2011.In order for it to be lawful for maintained schools to take the additional bank holiday, the DfE will be making an amendment to the Education (School Day and School Year) (England) Regulations 1999, which will reduce the school year 2010/11 to a minimum of 189 days.  Where staff are not employed on STPCD conditions (e.g. some Academies), the position is more complex.  Whether academy employers must grant the extra day depends on the terms of the contract of employment.  If the contract of employment states that the teacher is entitled to all bank holidays, the employer will be bound to grant the additional day.
  18. 11-012-OM - ‘QUICK READS’: A ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’ INITIATIVE, 3rd March
  20. .11-010-S&C/SS&EE - PENSIONS CAMPAIGN UPDATE: The publication date for the second Hutton Commission report is not known but will be before the Budget on 23 March when the Chancellor intends to make an announcement on increases in teachers’ pension contributions from April 2012.  Further proposals on teachers’ pensions resulting from the Government’s response to the Hutton Report may be announced at the same time or later.  The Parliamentary order bringing the RPI/CPI indexation change into effect from 1 April 2011, however, is likely to be set before Parliament between 11 and 26 March and take effect on 12 April.

    The Government has agreed to a temporary delay in consideration of the proposed increase in teachers' pension contributions. The DfE published proposals on 7 January to increase contributions to between 9.5% and 9.8% of pay beginning in April 2012.  This would be an increase of around 50% in the current 6.4% contribution.

    The Executive has agreed to support a Lobby of Parliament in early March opposing the RPI/CPI switch.  This is being organised by pensioner organisations, including the Public Service Pensioners Council to which the NUT provides the Secretariat.  The likely date for this Lobby is Wednesday, 9 March

    The Executive has agreed to organise a series of regional/Wales ‘Pension Roadshows’ early in the Spring Term to raise awareness of the campaign.  These will involve members of the Executive, Officers of the Union and senior Officials and will use centrally prepared powerpoints and other resources.  NUT leaflets and the jointly badged teacher union leaflet will also be available.  The Union is publicising the roadshows nationally and in local media and to members by email and other media.


  22. 11-008-E&E - NUT EQUALITY EVENTS CALENDAR 2011: on .
  23. 11-007-O&M - KEEP NQT AND EARLY CAREER TEACHER MEMBERS IN THE NUT: In February, NQTs will pay just £1 to maintain full membership of the Union.  They will pay nothing more until February 2012 when they will pay 50 per cent of the full subscription.  Members in their second year of teaching will begin to pay 50 per cent of the full subscription from 1 February 2011
  24. 11-006-OM - ACTIVITY GRANTS

Other Reports and papers:

  1. Secondary Advisory Committee Report for Regional Council - January 22nd 2011, Paul Widdowson
  2. Academies - a Balanced View - Graham White

Assistant Secretary's Report

  1. CYP Reorganisation - Early Years: There were three consultation meetings w.b. 24 Feb for the Early Years and Child Care teams.  PW attended the Lowestoft one, MG the Ipswich and BSE ones. LA confirmed they were making redundant all 13 Children Centres Teachers.  Also merging all consultants and support posts into 4 locality teams each with 7 consultants and 9 outreach workers. No redundancy in the EY teams required, but roles would change and those on QTS paid on Soulbury would be put on Single Status grade 6 or 7 - a reduction of pay which means that these experts were paid the same as those on Early Years Professional status, and less than they would be getting on UPS3 even without an SEN allowance (Some of the team work on inclusion).  The Union has objected to both and has quoted research which shows that having qualified teachers in EY settings has a markedly positive effect on outcomes for children, and the unfairness of taking consultants off Soulbury, with a pay cut, when no such similar step has been taken for consultants in Primary, or the Advisory Teachers in the sensory and communications section of CYP.  See the NUT's submission to the LA on EY Proposals.  This will now be developed further to reflect information gleaned from that week's sessions.
  2. CYP Reorganisation: SEN/CWAN and Sensory/Communications: Better news here.  LA says the financial situation was better than feared and so these 2 areas can proceed to be assimilated into the new integrated reorganisation without loss of posts (there are already some vacancies which will not be filled.)  Further slimming down is expected to be managed by "natural wastage".
  3. Those on QTS employed centrally are still not receiving details of teaching vacancies.  Raised at JNC. It has also been confirmed that those on Teachers' Pay and Conditions made redundant, will not get the 50% enhancement that is provided to Single Status and Soulbury staff (because of a Local Government Agreement).
  4. MG organised a session with the Teachers Assurance on Financial Planning, Redundancy and Retirement, on 15th February, at the Ramada Encore Hotel, Ipswich, for those in Central Services and Children's Centres who are facing redundancy.
  5. Healthy Schools Team: We are still awaiting a response from CYP Directorate re. integrating at least some of the Healthy Schools Team (who have now all received their redundancy notices) in the NHS teams transferring to CYP w.e.f. 1st April.
  6. METAT: The Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Education Service is disappearing, with vestiges subumed into Advisory Teacher posts (Equality) and just one outreach post (not QTS).  Those who do not want to apply for an Advisory Post will be made redundant. If it then becomes necessary to recruit to vacant Advisory Posts, this could be offered to those losing their jobs in ISIS.
  7. EOTAS: The LA is putting out to tender Group Tuition Centre EOTAS work.  These are lose arrangements of 1:1 tutors working collaboratively with several pupils, in a kind of ad hoc PRU.  Most of the staff are also either 1:1 tutors, supply teachers or both.  There will be considerable implications if these "centres" are privatised, for both staff and quality of provision.   NUT is resisting this proposal and counter-proposes that the ad hoc groups become properly constituted PRUs.
  8. Map of the new proposed 7 localities for CYP Organisation in Suffolk.

Date of next meeting: May 11th 2011 Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich


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